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Kavandish System Engineering Company was one of the founders of the Iranian Syndicate of Medical Equipment Exporters (ISOMEE), and has always been an active member to promote export objectives. 

The export activities of this company started sporadically from the early 2000s in order to enter the international market, and were followed in a coherent and planned manner from the end of 2007. Participating in highly prestigious international exhibitions has been one of the activities carried out by Kavandish System Company in order to expand the export marketing.

As a result of exhibiting in these exhibitions, the number of our potential customers worldwide has now reached more than fifty, a lot of which are currently in both intermittent and permanent cooperation with our company. These customers are from Turkey, Syria, Oman, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Sweden, Croatia, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan, the  Czech Republic, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Belarus, Romania and Sweden, some of which are representatives and loyal customers of the company.  It should be also noted that some of our foreign customers do business with us on either OEM or CKD basis.

The company has managed to maintain its benefits of exports by relying on quality and reasonable prices, and even despite the sanctions, has succeeded in expanding its sales market.  The international CE and ISO13485 certifications, which the company has achieved by accomplishing the quality assurance system, have been a requisite for these successes.

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