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Strategic statement

Strategic statement

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Our Values:

  • Respecting customer rights and complying with legal and ethical commitments in supporting customers
  • Strengthening customers’ trust by responding appropriately to their needs and following up the customers’ complaints seriously
  • Giving importance to the health and safety of patients, users and staff and protecting the environment
  • Respecting humans and mutual respect by observing courtesy in speech and behavior and avoiding humiliation and boasting
  • Establishing group discipline and creating atmosphere of empathy to solve conflicts
  • Observance of trust in preserving shareholders’ capital and benevolence for the stakeholders

Our Vision:

  • Creating a leading brand in designing and manufacturing the Electrosurgical Generators in Middle East and maintaining this superiority continuously.
  • Achieving equivalent quality level in comparison with top American & European brands.

Our Mission:

  • Kavandish helps the medical community to take advantage of engineering knowledge and advanced technologies to improve human health by means of designing and producing high quality medical devices.

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