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Common Questions

Frequently asked questions

? What are the most important suggestions about patient return electrode (Plate) placement
There are four points in choosing the place to fasten the plate
a) The shortest distance between the contact place and the point of surgery must be selected
For example if a plate is placed on the patient's calf during a head or neck procedure, the current must travel a great distance from the surgical site to the return electrode. The power setting must be increased, resulting in a greater likelihood that the HF leakage current will pass through unintended path ways
Take care that the return electrode in not so close to a surgical area that it may become wet as a result of rinsing fluid, disinfectants, blood, etc
 b) Factors such as non- cleaned skin or plate, unshaved skin, moisture between plate and skin (caused by sweat, blood, disinfectants, or ...) may cause burns due to the increase in the current density over the contact area
 c) Place the return electrode on a well vascularized, muscular area
Proper places to fasten the return electrode
The following surfaces are not suitable for applying the neutral electrode
   Bony or uneven surfaces
   Area with thick layers of fat
   Scar tissue
   Surfaces over an implant
These non- vascular tissues will increase the impedance at the plate to the patient interface. This may result in a need to increase the power setting. Also, bear in mind that the higher the power, the more probable the risk of burns
 d) Place the plate in such a way that the current in the body (from surgical site to return electrode) do not pass through following point
   Prostheses (whether metal or plastic)
   Heart and lungs
   Implant instruments (specially pacemakers)
Refer to Meg1 instruction manual for more details
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