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ISO 13485

The Frist ESU Manufacture In Iran

ULM University


Established In 1995

Vessel Sealing System Up to 7mm

For All Surgeries

Installation of more than 7000 ESUs in medical centers

Kavandish System Engineering Company - Designer And Manufacturer Of Specialized Medical Equipment

Kavandish system policy

Kavandish System, as a designer and manufacturer of medical equipment, bases its success on three pillars.

Areas of Activity

Kavandish System Company was established in 1995

Service and maintenance

See more information about service and maintenance in this section.

Special Products



MHz technology for Dermatology, Plastic, Aesthetic, ENT, GYN, Ophthalmology and Dentistry Offers "Cold cutting" and coagulation of soft tissue through radio frequency output plus advanced and intelligent modes with pulsed function for maximum control ability.
APC System

APC System

ALL IN ONE - ESU+Vessel Sealing System+Argon Plasma Cut & Coagulation
The line of HF Electrosurgical Units(ESU) equipped with Argon Plasma Cut & Coagulation and Vessel Sealing System is designed as a state-of-the-art product to meet the needs of modern surgery.


The line of HF Electrosurgical Units (ESU) specially designed for endoscopic procedures provide advanced endoscopic cutting modes for polypectomy, sphincterotomy and endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) as well as standard monopolar and bipolar coagulation and argon plasma coagulation modes.


Two separate touchscreen display for Monopolar and Bipolar Advanced user interface design Improved Vessel Sealing System Argon Plasma Coagulation Bipolar TUR (Optional) Special EndoCut modes for endoscopic treatments (Optional) Data transmission via the internet



Celebrating Our Triumph as the Top Exporter
of Medical Equipment in 2023
Kavandish System at a glance


Among the activities carried out for export marketing by Kavandish System Company participating in highly prestigious international exhibitions such as Arab Health in the UAE and Medica in Germany is done on a regular basis. Meanwhile, this company also exhibits in Medist in Turkey, Africa Health in South Africa, Hospitalar in Brazil and several small local exhibitions in Iraq.  It is obvious that exhibiting at the greatest international exhibitions in the world, in addition to finding appropriate sales representatives, has other positive consequences such as upgrading our products to best possible quality, introducing Iran's Medical Device Manufacturing Industry to the global arena, etc.

Kavandish System Company has been able to compete with reputable German and American companies by utilizing the indigenous ability of domestic engineers and the existing capacities in the country to export high-tech products. This company has also managed to obtain a significant size of the competitive market.

The exporting activities of this company started sporadically from the early 2000s in order to be present in the international market and were followed in a planned manner from the end of 2007.

At present, this company has sales and after-sales service representatives in more than 10 countries and also has signed OEM and CKD contracts with a number of countries.

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