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APS1 is an Argon Gas Supplier device intended to be used in conjunction with Iconic electrosurgical generator to obtain argon plasma coagulation and argon-enhanced cutting. APS1 is responsible for controlling and directing argon gas toward the surgery electrode. The device can be used in open and endoscopy/laparoscopy surgeries. 
User Interface
» High bright vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), 256x64 resolution
» Interactive menu on display
» Cylinder pressure monitoring
» Intelligent Alarm System

» Flow adjustment from 0 to 10 L/min at O.1 L/min steps
» 2 operating modes: Argon Cut, Argon Coagulation
» Concurrent Activation with ESU by footswitch
» Purge function at 10 L/min

Safety Features
» Basic construction: in accordance with IEC60601-1
» Protection class: Class I
» Gas leakage detection
» Continuous gas flow monitoring
» Continuous gas pressure monitoring
Technical Details
Advantages of APC at a glance
List of Standard Accessories
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