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MEG1-R : MHz technology


MHz technology for Dermatology, Plastic, ENT, GYN, Ophthalmology and Dentistry

Offers "Cold cutting" and coagulation of soft tissue through radio frequency output plus advanced and intelligent modes with pulsed function for maximum control ability


» Monopolar Cut (Pure)
» Monopolar Cut (Blend)
» Monopolar Cut (Pulsed Cut)
» Bipolar Coagulation (Manual Bipolar)
» Monopolar Coagulation (Forced)
» Monopolar Coagulation (Fulguration)
» Monopolar Coagulation (Pulsed Spray)
» Bipolar Coagulation
» Automatic Self Checking (Spotting the system’s internal problems)
» 30 Programmable memory locations
» Intelligent power control
Technical Details
Output Characteristics
List of Standard Accessories
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