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Quality Policy Statement of Kavandish System Engineering Company


Kavandish Systems Engineering Company, as a designer and manufacturer of medical devices, bases its success on three principles

1) Strong scientific and technical knowledge along with world-class knowledge and techniques
2) Strong recognition and understanding of the latest standard content for each product and considering that in product design
3) Having an appropriate pattern for products quality assurance

The first two basic principles ensure the proper design and the third one guarantees the production quality


The stability of these principles that will ultimately lead to high quality products and continues improvement requires the commitment of managers and employees to the statement of values and the organizational vision and mission and the quality policy of the Company


Kavandish aims to meet its objectives by collaboration and effort of its employees and tries to achieve to its quality objectives by using talented personnel, inviting the participation of employees in terms of group growth and  human transcendence and improving the organizational  knowledge and culture by providing proper training and implementation of quality management system ISO13485

Kavandish believes that customers are like auditors who check the quality of products; therefore, Kavandish respects to their opinions and considers customers’ rights and is ready to serve clients in the best possible way in order to obtain their satisfaction


And finally, kavandish is committed to comply with the quality and commercial regulations of Iran and other countries to which it exports its products and seriously encourages all its members and representatives to follow the requirements of ISO13485 quality management system and the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC and related national and international standards to the product


What we do not forget is that all science and power belong to God, and nothing will be done unless he wishes

God, we ask you to plan for us to get the right destination in a way that pleases you and prospers us

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